A Simplified Content Germany Cell Phone Number Sorting and Production Logic

This article is suitable for operation practitioners to read, especially friends who have certain content operation experience. After reading, you will get the following benefits: one logic, three uses. Article framework logic: A simplifi Germany Cell Phone Number content sorting as well as and production logic 01 The logic from “basic content” to “deriv content. We analogize and transfer the concepts of “basic financial assets” and “financial derivatives” in the financial market. Ao we have the terms “basic content” and “derivative content”.

This article is suitable for operation practitioners to read.

A simplifi content sorting and production logic We don’t ne to deliberately understand what the financial products in the picture above are. A only ne to know the following two points: A logic: A variety of “financial derivatives” are deriv from a few simple “basic financial assets”. A variation: The ways of “derivation” can be Germany Cell Phone Number  very diverse, and together with multiple ways can even be superimpos. We migrate this logic and concept to the content realm and believe in two things. Behind the complex content of the platform There are one or several kinds of “basic content” which are constantly deriv from “derivative content”. That is, all kinds of content we do every day. This “derivation” of “base content” to “deriv content” has a multiplier effect.

A simplifi content sorting and production logic.

Germany Cell Phone Number
Germany Cell Phone Number

The increase of “basic content” and the enrichment of “derivative. Methods may bring about a doubling of the amount of content on the platform. Take Dougan Reading as an example. Dougan Reading is the main module of the Dougan website. The main likewise content is “book reviews”, and the basic content that appears frequently behind is “books”. A large number of new books are publish every year. And the content increment of the Germany Cell Phone Number Dougan reading platform is roughly equal to . Number of newly publish books × coefficient “.

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