A New Tool Audience Overlap from Facebook

Facebook has quietly launched a new tool that has potential and is quite useful for marketers, namely Audience Overlap. You can use this tool as a way to advertise on Facebook. Let’s find out more about, “What is Facebook Audience Overlap and how to take advantage of it”. Facebook makes it easier for marketers to compare two audiences by using Audience Overlap. Actually, Audience Overlap, What the heck? Audience Overlap itself is more directed to advertisers to take two or more audiences, even up to five. And find the percentage of “overlap” (overlap) between them. Maybe, in other words, how many users are in audience A as well as audience B? What Audience Can You Compare.

Actually Audience Overlap

Custom Audience Lookalike Audience Saved Audience You can compare all types of audiences which means, you can compare custom audiences with others. Or you can compare your custom audience with similar ones. Limitations of Facebook Audience Overlap The main limitation is that within the audience group, there are at least a thousand people to qualify for comparison with audience overlap. If you try to compare with a smaller audience, you will receive a message like the one below. “To protect the privacy of people on Facebook, we don’t share data for audiences jordan number list of fewer that 1.000 people”. From these privacy restrictions, you can see consistency with those on Facebook Audience Insight.

Limitations of Facebook Audience Overlap


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How to Take Advantage of Audience Overlap There are several ways for advertisers who might want to use Audience Overlap. 1. Decide whether you should target a specific audience For example, Jonloomer targets the following 4 (four) interests : Social CL Leads Media Examiner Mari Smith Amy Porterfield Facebook for Business So, is that a good target? The way to find out is to look for the overlap between interests and fans on Facebook. Jonloomer did this by creating five saved audiences, one for his fans, and another for each interest. Tool Baru Audience Overlap Tool Baru Audience Overlap As you can see above, 53% of Jonloomer’s audience has an interest in Amy Potterfield.

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