Finally Mobile-friendly But On A Collision Course

This fall has been full of announcements regarding google’s. Mobile-first index. First gary illyes gave a talk at pubcon and dropped a bombshell that google was planning to roll out a mobile-first index in the near future. Sure, google had hinted at the mobile-first index for a while. But now we had real information from a googler that it was indeed coming. Then, on november 4, 2016. Google published a blog post officially declaring its intention to roll out a mobile-first index and explaining why it wanted to do so.

This was huge news as the new approach is

This was huge news, as the new approach is a 180 of how things have worked for a long time. I will cover more about Denmark WhatsApp Number List this soon. My purpose today is not to detail the mobile-first index. This has already been done several times. Instead, my goal is to present a case study of a site that eventually went mobile, but will eventually head head-to-head in the mobile-first index. Of course, the mobile-first index hasn’t been fully rolled out yet, but it will be soon. And we also know that it is tested in the wild. (In fact, the November 10, 2016 Algorithm Update could have – or partially could have been – Google testing the mobile-first index.

You can read my article on the update to learn

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You can read my article on the update to learn more about this (which I saw while scanning the affected sites. Note that this update was also substantially rolled back on November 18, which could indicate testing was underway.)The case I’m going to present today is a good example of how changes from Google and then on the client side could end up colliding on the web. Both parties have the right intentions, but the collision could lead to serious problems.

Quick breakdown of the mobile-first index: a 180 for search before explaining the case study. I will quickly explain the mobile-first index. Currently. And until the mobile-first index is rolled out. Google will use the desktop version of a page by default for ranking purposes.

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