7 Most Essential Google Analytics Reports for Beginners 2021

Google Analytics can give you a lot of information about your website and if you are a beginner you can easily get lost in the reports. My goal with this post is to explain and show you 7 of the most essential Google Analytics reports to help beginners understand some basics about websites. These are absolute essentials for any webmaster looking to answer the 4 key Japan Phone Number List questions (‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘who’). Google Analytics Core Reports How many visits do I get each day and from where? How many users are visiting from Desktop / Mobile / Tablet? What are the most popular pages of my site? Which pages (landing pages) do people see first when they visit my site? How many people are currently viewing my website? What buttons do users click when browsing my website?

How Many Visits Do I Get Each Day and From Where

How many visits do I get each day and from where? This is a report that I check daily. You can view this report by selecting ACQUISITION > All Traffic > Source / Agent . What this report shows is the Japan Phone number of visits for the selected period and their origin. How many visits came from the search (i.e. organic), how many visits were direct, etc. you can see. Traffic report by traffic report by in the top bar (below the graph) you can see, among other things. Pages sessions pages per visit, I.E. How many pages your readers view on average before they leave your website. The bigger the better cover. Session duration: how long (on average) your visitors stay on the site – the bigger the better new users.

How Many Users Are Visiting From Desktop Mobile Tablet

The lower the number, the better. 2. How many users are visiting from Desktop / Mobile / Tablet? A very useful report is the Mobile Overview. It shows how many users visit your website from a desktop computer, mobile phone, or tablet. You can access this report by selecting Audience   Overview. Mobile Overview Report Mobile Overview Report 3. What are the most Japan Phone Number List popular pages of my site? To find out which pages of your site are the most popular, go to BEHAVIOR > Site Content   All Pages. You may encounter a number of surprises, such as your most popular page not being your home page, or which of your site’s categories gets the most visits. Popular Pages Report Popular Pages Report.

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