What Is Rich Snippets How to Add? 2021 Seo Guide

Google Is Slowly Moving Away From Traditional Plain Blue Links by Offering. Graphical and Interactive Elements in Search Results on Both Desktop and Mobile Devices. One of These Elements Is Rich Snippets and in This Article. You’ll Learn Everything You Australia Phone Number List Need to Know About Rich Snippets. In Particular, You Will Learn. What Are Rich Snippets? Why Are Rich Snippets Important for Seo? Best Practices on How to Get Rich Snippets. What Are Rich Snippets? Rich Snippets, or Rich Results as They Are Sometimes Called. Are an Enhanced Version of a Regular Search Snippet, Often Containing Graphical Elements Such as Images. Comment Stars, and Other Visual Enhancements.

What Are Rich Snippets Rich Snippets

A normal search snippet contains the following items:Title URL Description Date (not always) A rich snippet can contain one or more of the following items: Title URL Description date information Product Images Australia Phone Number List Product Reviews points Price information name of website icon Example of Google Rich Snippet in Search Results Example of Google Rich Snippet in Search ResultsNote that in addition to the title, URL and description, the snippet also displays a photo, star ratings, rating, preparation time, and total calories.

Rich Results and Enriched Search Results Enriched Search

Only one of the available Google search results features is rich snippets. Other search features include Improvements – for example, showing a web site’s search box in Google results. Infographics – they show more details for an Australia Phone Number List known topic or brand. Google infographic example Google Knowledge Graph Example Featured Snippets – Shown at the top of the results and often provide a direct answer to a question or query. Contains text and images. Read this guide for step-by-step instructions on how to get the featured snippet on Google.

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